View Full Version : still having a glitch

01-28-2006, 08:08 PM
Ok i am almost there
i can pull my site up....www.maxwell-j.ca
only the page that comes up is not what i have as my index page.
it has different menu buttons...i did create those but have since changed them as a couple of the links did not work so renamed them from under construction to jounal3 and favouritesites but still do not work... when i click jounal3 it comes up with http 404 error and have deleted and redid all my links and everything comes up but the last two buttons...

and some of my photos only have blank screen and little red x in the corner where is my photos...wehn i look at the page on its own from voda
the pics are there, why not when i pull site up from explorer...3 pics do not show....

now what have i done wrong...has a friend pull up the site and menu buttons worked but the last two..they read different than what i have


01-29-2006, 01:16 AM
Your buttons look ok to me too so I think this may just be your browser cache (it remembers pages you have been to in order to save time downloading them again). Press and hold down the shift key whilst hitting the refresh button. I think hitting F5 does the same job. This forces your browser to download the page from the server hence updating it.

Photos all appear ok. I get errors for journal 3 and links pages. Check you have set your links up properly and have the spellings right - I know it's a pain but check again :o) It's looking really good by the way - well done!