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02-05-2006, 10:10 PM

I've configured 2 accounts (+ the default one) in the Neomail. I do not use Outlook or such. I am experiencing the following problems with the webmail (Neomail):

1. The message moved to trash sometimes reappears in the inbox after I pressed the "clean the trash" button (??) So I can not delete messages.
2. A "session time out" mesage when I e.g. click the button to move message to "neomail trash" folder. This happens on only one of my 3 e-mail accounts (?!). When I refresh everything gets back where it was before. I try again immediately and I am getting the same "time out" message again (??!). It can not time out so quickly!
3. By the way, why do I have several trash boxes in the Neomail? (trash inbox; neomail trash) What's the difference?
4. Quite often a "page not found" error appears when I attempt one or another action in the mail like e.g. moving message from one folder to another.
5. All in all it looks like the Neomail is working in quite unstable manner. Because of those "time outs" and "page not found" errors that appear now and then I hardly can understand how to operate this mail.

Is there any way to check that it was configured correctly? May be some setting in my account are incorrect? How can I check it? Is there any manual/ tutorial on how to operate the web mail (not Outlook!) available?

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02-06-2006, 10:54 PM
Please use horde or squirel mail...we are experiencing problems with NEO mail
We are in the proccess of resolving them.