View Full Version : Forum placed in iframe but cannot link to it.

10-26-2008, 01:18 AM
Hi there,
I have only been using bluevoda for around 10 days and have achieved quite a lot with little assistance needed. Thats a testiment to how good your forum is and the help desk! However I am stumped with a problem.

I will explain what I am trying to achieve with reference to my website to make clear what I am trying to achieve:
1. Enter http://www.gradapplicationadvice.com.
2. click on the forum tab at the top of the page
3. click on the "job industry" forum topic and then the "accounting & Finance topic".

I want to link http://www.gradapplicationadvice.com/a_f_company_a.html (you get there by clicking the "accounting & Finance" tab on the home page, and then on "company A" when that loads) to this page however as it is in an IFrame, I can't seem to do this. It seems to link to the actual original forum page.

I read on this site that this is one of the problems with iframes but has anyone sussed it out yet by any chance?

Im new to web designing so please note I may struggle if your answer gets too technical!

Thanks in Advance.

10-27-2008, 02:59 AM
Can anybody help?? Also, any feedback on my site (positive and negative please) would be much appreciated.