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11-15-2008, 02:58 AM
Hi i dont know whats wrong with my pages but when i`m puting info or pics on the pages they not where they need to be they all over the page im useing the inline frame does anyone know why it does that ? this is the link to the site

www.yesautobroker.com (http://www.yesautobroker.com)
thank you

11-15-2008, 03:08 AM
The link above takes you to a BV+Flash splash index page ("header" + slideshow) .... are you intending to present another Flash page via an iFreame, or are you trying to insert an iFrame onto/over a Flash element (which cannot be done)??

You do know that the reason your links to other pages do not work (assume they are also BV pages with some Flash added) is because you have incorrectly added them to the Flash navigation with Capital letters, right? (i.e.http://www.yesautobroker.com/Specials.html ; - /Financing.html ; )
Hopefully you did not also Save/Publish them with captial letters, for if you did, they will never present. You will need to re-save them with all lower case letters and re-publish those re-named pages. Then you should re-do all the navigational links you've entered in your FlashNav.

Back to the original issue ..... I cannot see what you are talking about, since I cannot navigate around your site.
If you are referring to the few pictures you have toward the bottom of your index page, then they are spaced far too low on the page to be effective. If these are the images you are presenting on the page via an iFrame, then you need only move/position the iFrame borders themselves on the page where they make the most sense (up, down, make narrower, etc.).
*Remember, an iFrame "reads" and "presents" a web page from the uppermost 'top-left' position, so if these pictures are on a page somewhere all by themselves, they need to be aligned with regard to the top-left corner of that page if to present within the iFrame with any sense of margin, or ability to re-size the iFrame borders.

How To Lock Items In Place (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/bluevoda-general-issues/9336-how-lock-images-objects-elements-into-place.html)

Creating & Using Inline Frames (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/adding-elements-your-website/9354-creating-iframe-your-bluevoda-webpage.html)

11-15-2008, 03:33 AM
Hi Vasili how are u doing ? the rest of the pages i dindt do it yet im still working on them im haveing a prob with the frist one and i dont know why i never had that prob before ..everything was line up where it need to be but when i build it on BV but the sec i puplsh it its not and i use inline frame before but never had this prob before i had a prob with my flash header it was all the way down so i had to make a new page and it work but i dont want to make 10 pages of the same thing just to get it even u know i dont know if its my BV software or something else do u have any idear why it does that ?

11-15-2008, 04:01 AM
Doin' fine, Danny, doin' just fine - thanks!

Now .... you've done a great job on your header and slideshow, and from what I gathered from your post above, you had an issue with the size in the beginning, is that right? And ... what we see now is a "shorter" version (which makes sense if you don't want really long pages) to allow a basic "gallery" of images that I can assume will link to another individual car's page, right?

Well, in your BV page, how far down from the bottom of your "page top area" is the first top/horizontal "border" of your inline frame? You need to make sure that it is definitely not laid out over or under anything that is Flash, as a Flash element will always "Come to Front" by itself --- it's just how Blue Voda is made. Can't do anything about that....

Next, go back to the concept I explained about how anything in an iFrame presents exactly as it is online somewhere else .... like your BV page: everything is in reference to the top-left page margins, right? So it is in iFrames.
Say for instance you want to pull a page into another site using iF, but you do not want the top 2 inches showing .... whether you like it or not, the iFrame will bring in the entire website: if you move the top border of the iF down, it will oower the entire page, not just the "view".
Now...another neat thing about iF's is that you can lay an object (in your case, this would be a black colored rectangle - to match your background) over the IF to mask it. So, using this method, you can mask off the top 2 inches you do not want to show, but you will still have that much area to fill somehow. Get it?

In this case, if your auto pix are 3 inches down on the page you are bringing into your page and you want them to "register" closer to the upper page elements (to be more flush to your "header area"), then you can move the iF upwards using your cursor arrows until it is just where you want it to be. Once you are sure you have adjusted the width of the iF and positioned the bottom border where you want them to be/so it "fits", then right-click on the iF and SEND TO BACK.

This way, the Flash header area will still be on TOP, and will effectively "mask" the area in the iF you do not wish to present.

Now....the last issue is where are these pix coming from. If they are in fact coming from a BV page you made yourself, once again, understand the principle that everything is "read" and "registered" from the top-left of the web page. You need to make sure of the absolute width of the area you can use to format your iF and make sure your BV-Image page does not get any wider than you can allow the iF itself to be. Also, you need to align your images as close to the top of the page as possible (to eliminate any blank area to contend with, as it will appear in your iF and rather than mask it, it's better if it's not even there).

I hope I gave you some things to think about and to refine your methods .... the Tutorials help too. I hate to say it, but your post is really hard to understand. It's like you were trying to recite a speech in a single breath! LOL

I am outta here for the night! There are some good people here to pick up the slack, so good luck!