View Full Version : ActiveX Windows Media Player not working right?

12-25-2008, 02:16 AM
Hi there,
My domain is: www.soul-survivors.org (http://www.soul-survivors.org) (still in construction stages)

Can anyone explain to me why the ActiveX Media player doesn't seem to be working how it should?

First of all, i upload my videos to my account using the FTP manager, next, i goto the BlueVoda website builder and build a temporary page to test what i am trying to achieve. I kind of understand the controls in the ActiveX but this is what is happening:

I get the ActiveX to point to the video on my page (on VodaHost), which is in the root directory.
Openstate and Playstate does not seem to want to do what they have available in the drop-down menus - They revert back to 'openstate - 6, and playstate - 0', no matter what i do.

The main problem is that i want multiple videos on one page, where the user can select which to play, and that the page appears before them all loading - I would like them to 'Buffer', and start loading only when a user clicks on it.

Is there a problem with the ActiveX Windows Media Player, or am i doing or missing something?

Can someone please take the time to help me, or at least explain why it doesn't do what i want it to?

Thank you, in advance, for any help on this.