View Full Version : pages look different in Iexplorer and fire fox

01-09-2009, 06:50 PM
when I publish my site, It appears different when I use internet explore or fire fox.

For example , I have a form that looks right when I publish it and see it on fire fox, but when I check it on IE, it overlaps onto word copy. And I have to set the page length different for each browser.

Anyone have this problem?

Karen Mac
01-09-2009, 09:10 PM
Thats because explorer forgives and adjusts things that firefox doesnt. They also have different programming. Its a common problem.


01-10-2009, 06:59 AM
Hi, i find it far quicker to build in FF, as there is usually less adjustments to do.

01-11-2009, 08:20 PM
Ok, so does anyone know how to make your pages appear online the way you want them when you build them regardless of what browser you use? There must be a way.

01-11-2009, 08:35 PM
Looks perfect on my IE

01-11-2009, 09:11 PM
thanks for checking but, what I don't like is that I have to rearrange the way I create the pages so it appears good in both browsers. This is extra work and I'm still not able to get it exactly how I want them to look because of this. Maybe it's just my computer, I don't know....

Karen Mac
01-11-2009, 10:14 PM
Well.. welcome to web building. ITS WORK. IT TAKES TIME.

You do the best you can with the adjustments. Its not possible to make everything work with every piece of software out there nor every browser. If they all worked the same.. then there would be no competition and no companies, no capitalism, etc etc..


01-16-2009, 04:47 PM
Hi, i'm new to this, and find that my page looks as i want it in FF but IE doesn't show a banner, which was designed externally and added via the HTML button, does anyone know why this is ?

Karen Mac
01-16-2009, 05:45 PM
I already ANSWERED your other post. Dont duplicate them!!!!!!