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01-13-2009, 07:07 PM
How do I make the navigation bar appear like "file folder" tabs and when I click on them "once published" I want the results to appear just below the tab on the same page? Example of this option is http://www.centralchurchofgod.org/ministries/kids/.. (http://www.centralchurchofgod.org/ministries/)

Next, I am told by our Pastor's Council that we have a domain name paid for ..... How can I check this out so I can publish the page? Is there a document they should have or a place I can validate that we do have the domain name?

Thanks so much!

My e-mail is gg1@triad.rr.com (gg1@triad.rr.com).

01-13-2009, 09:22 PM
The simplest way (requiring the least technical knowledge) would be to have the menu on your homepage be the tabs all closed. Then makes menus for each of combination's of one tab open and the rest closed. Using the corresponding menu for all of the pages that will be categorized under a certain tab.

For instance like on the church website you posted, create a menu with the "About Us" tab having a list of links of all the pages categorized under that tab, with the rest closed. Any of the pages for that tab use the menu. You then do the same with "Ministries", "Service Times", etc. And then on your homepage make a menu with all tabs closed (no links showing).

A more technical way is using javascript and cookies. The javascript will open and close the menus (perhaps only allowing one open at a time), and then a cookie is used to remember which menu is currently open if the page changes. (or any number of alternative things you can do to the menu).

As for checking if you have a certain domain name do a whois search on a website like on http://whois.net

This will give you information like if a domain is registered, and if so the name of the person or organization who registered it, and their contact information.

Hope that made sense and/or helps

01-13-2009, 09:32 PM
Or you could go here and use one of these menus.