View Full Version : shapes can be placed outside of page boundary

01-15-2009, 01:20 AM
I'm working with an unpublished page in BV and I want a wide red rectangle on either side (edge) of the page going top to bottom. To the left hand side if you grab the shape and move it left, it will stop once it reaches the edge of the page and won't be able to go further. Not so with the right hand side. It seems i can place the shape outside the right hand page border thus making it impossible to place it correctly. This should be impossible to place something beyond the page size. Whats going on.

Secondly, I have all my published page sizes set for a width that doesn't exceed my screen size so i don't have to scroll left to right. All my published pages are like that but when i preview this page in my browser, i do have to scroll even though its set for the exact same width as the other pages. ????

Thirdly, when I preview the page, the right hand red rectangle does not go all the way to the edge of the page. You can see the background image sticking out underneath it. I thought maybe my background image was wider than the page size and that was messing it up, but the background image and page size are the exact same width.

Tom Finley
01-15-2009, 01:31 AM
Let me see if I'm understanding what you want your page to look like...

Let's say you want a white area to put your images, text and buttons in (on the center of the screen), with a red area on either side; do you want a background color to show to the outside of each red area? Or do you want one red area at the extreme right of your screen and another at the extreme left? If it's the latter, that can't be done with BV--it can't create a page that dynamically adjusts to the width of any monitor. (Scripts can do this, though, so you need to research that.)

01-15-2009, 02:08 AM
i have a background image sized exactly the same width as my page. on top of this i want the red rectangles over top of the image. one to the extreme left and one to the extreme right.

...but this isn't an issue of the page resizing to fit all computer screens. If the page is 1024 wide, it should be impossible to place a shape beyond that, right? How can a shape be sitting at 1058 for example? That's outside the parameters of the page.

The other part of my question about not needing to scroll for my published pages but having to for this particular page may be related to the rectangle issue, but i'm not sure. If i have all my published pages set for 1024 wide and don't have to scroll, why would this page have to scroll when its exactly the same width. Thats not the computer screen changing width, thats the page changing width.

01-15-2009, 02:15 AM
YOU set your page width.. thus it's YOUR responsibility to stick within that boundary, there are several ways to do this, the main one being set your guides to show a dotted line vertically at the correct maximum width of your page. This is a function available to you via Layout > Guide Settings

Yes the page will go to the right if you manually drag it to the right, just as it will if you drop downwards.

My suggestion is simply DON'T drag over your page width and you won't have a problem?

However, you are already heading for problems by making your page width 1024 in the first place! Never go over 1000 wide when making any page, to be safer I personally suggest 940-980, thus keeping your web pages viewable to all users (apart from those living in the North Pole or on such a low income they haven't updated their monitors since purchasing it 25 years ago)