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01-18-2009, 01:46 AM
I am about to flip out here.

I had purchased a program from "flash slideshow maker" a few months back. I placed a slideshow on my home page and sure enough I am having major problems with this. When you go to my website: www.qualitylighting.net (http://www.qualitylighting.net) and scroll over the slideshow a curser will appear as a link (which I did not do), you click the link over the slideshow and it takes you directly to the company where I had purchased the slideshow. Also when you do a search on yahoo for my company Quality Lighting you will see in my description the company flash slideshow maker's info instead of my company. I have been emailing the company where I had purchased this ****py slideshow and they have been giving me the run-around for over 5 months. Also a loading watermark appears when you go to my home page, which was supposed to be removed when you purchase their program, which I did purchase.

So I need help from my fellow BV friends. What slideshow program can I purchase to get rid of this error I am having or how do I fix this current problem I am having with this silly and ****py program.

I will buy you lunch when I am in your town if you can assit me.

Thank You very much.

Paul Ivazes gaswizard

www.qualitylighting.net (http://www.qualitylighting.net)

01-18-2009, 04:35 AM
I have just deleted my problem so you will not be able to view it. I just tired of dealing with it. I did load my images onto my website using BV ad banner rotator but now I am lacking the stretch from center fading I had with the cr---y program I had purchased from flash slideshow maker.

Can anyone assit me in getting the fade for my banner rotator I am currently using. I am not very good at the html thing, so lease bear with me. Also how do I make my banner rotator not a active link? I noticed the curser acting like I made my rotating banner a link and it is not.

Any help will be very helpful.

Thank You

Paul gaswizard

www.qualitylighting.net (http://www.qualitylighting.net)