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02-01-2009, 08:03 PM
I would love it if some of you could preview my newly published site and relay your impressions to me.

http://www.roostandhaven.com/ (http://www.roostandhaven.com/)

The problems I am noticing and need help correcting are as follows:

1. The border around the golden-hued "Roost & Haven" box appears uneven in the published format... but on my BV design page, the border appears symmetrical. I have actually layered two shapes on top of one another to create the inside border and subtle design motif, then another shape with a heavier border. Could this layering be causing problems?

2. The borders around the large brownish box/shape as well as the white box/shape appear rather "fuzzy" in the published format. I am comparing these "fuzzy" looking borders to the more crisp border around the golden "Roost & Haven" box. Is there a way to remedy this and make them appear more crisp?

Any constructive feedback is, of course, quite appreciated. I have only viewed my published website on IE on my widescreen laptop... and do not know how it is percieved on other type of screens or browsers.

Thanks to everyone for your help.

~ CarmelDesigner

Tom Finley
02-01-2009, 10:40 PM
Are those boxes something you created in a drawing program? If you import them onto your BV page and then re-size them (with the blue handles) the resolution will be messed up. All of those boxes could be created with the Shape icon, btw, without re-sizing troubles.

02-01-2009, 11:22 PM
In reference to the gold 'Roost & Haven" box, I simply used the BV program to insert a shape... selected an image from my computer as a fill effect, chose the border size and color and then used the blue handles to resize. Under that shape, is another solid colored shape. And finally, on the top layer of both of those are the text boxes (Roost & Haven Interiors, Est. 2007). It all lines up ok on my screen, but is not aligning properly on my friend's screen. All the other shapes / text boxes are created the same way, but their borders are appearing fuzzy. Is that just the way it's going to be and perhaps I am too finicky?

Also, using IE on my computer, it looks fairly good… but when viewed with Firefox, a bunch of misalignment occurs and also problems with symbols appearing the wrong size.

http://www.roostandhaven.com/ (http://www.roostandhaven.com/)