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02-10-2009, 08:07 PM
i got a bluevoda website, www.duhproduction.com

im trying to make the blue box under the logo fit to the page width of someone's moniter without having to scroll to the right,

(look this is what im talking about before i confuse you....http://duhproduction.com/home_test.html)

other wise the viewer has to schroll to the middle of the page, or if its a wide moniter the website centers but then theirs a blank spot, is their a way to put the box at the top 97px high and go on eternally left and right without messing with the page width....so you dont have to center the page by clicking on the bottom scroll bar? i made a html code but it dident work so im stumped

i wuz think on making it tile but i dont know to make it tile just left and right, i tried that but it replaced the background

plz help me....

02-10-2009, 08:32 PM
Hi, if you want something like this (http://metestsite.co.uk/cont_backimage.html).(But with your own image) Pop a shape on the page in the top right corner about 4px wide X 100px down & remove the border. Now right click on the image & replace the red link below with the one your image has produced.
Now paste this below in the head of the page under page HTML.

<style type="text/css">
body {background-image: url(bv01119.gif); background-repeat:repeat-x;;background-position:left top;}

02-10-2009, 08:58 PM
fixed it


ok i used ur code, i had one similar to that but it would always replace the background image....ur code replaced the background image 2, is their a way i could keep the background image and the header, besides that ur code worked great thnx ;)

02-10-2009, 11:50 PM
i came up with this, its a border but i dont know how to send it to the back, because right now it is moving the whole page below it, i need the logo to sit over it, not under neath it

#header { border-width: 105px 0px 0px 0px; border-style: solid; border-color: #224477; }

<div id="header"></div>

heres what it looks like