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02-14-2009, 09:07 PM
We have a directory site (construction trades).
Please read full question to clarify...
Visitor clicks on a listing,shape, or picture where it opens up and supplies a form with pre written info. Under the info is a field and drop down menu.

1) Is there a way for us to create a form with a drop down menu where there is a field which can be filled in with say xxxxxxxx and they click on one of the drop down items which has a company name.
Once clicked, the result would be xxxxxxx@abccompany.com

Now to complicate it further, the drop down only reads the company name, however, the true result will be

xxxxxxxx@gateway.abccompany.com (there are probably 10 gateways to choose)

So this part of question is
field+ company from drop down= xxxxxxx@gateway.abccompany.com
where client would only see xxxxxxx@abccompany.com

the total result would be

Pre written text for example Johnson company 247474
Tuesday 2/10
expires 2/14
sent to: xxxxxx@gateway.abcompany.com

Make sense.

Help is appreciated.