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02-18-2009, 04:46 PM
I have created about 10 website now, but they have all been static graphic pages. Now I want to build one that has listings of rental properties in my area.

I have many people interested in buying space for their properties, and buying ad space.

Is there a Voda tutorial or primer on making a website that will allow the user to search for pages? Like, if they were looking for a house to rent and wanted to see the listings of houses with 3 bedrooms, or in a certain city, or buy rental price, then have it sort?

What all will be involved with a website like this? Can anyone recommend a good book to read about it?

02-18-2009, 05:07 PM
There are lots of scripts out there that are very good for this type of thing & will be a lot more versatile than trying to do it with BV pages. A few listings with BV pages are fine. But if you want to sort buy the amount of bedrooms price & areas, you will defiantly need a script of some sort. I used this one (http://www.curve2.com/c2realty-demo.php) on a friends site (the car version), & its been very good & easy to use. But it will take a little searching in google for things like real estate scripts, or property scripts to get one just right.

Karen Mac
02-18-2009, 05:40 PM
In fantastico is a real estate program that you can install and would do all this for you... You might try that before you go off in search of a one.


02-18-2009, 06:21 PM
Great! Thanks!