View Full Version : text/Images Change Locations When Published

02-22-2006, 09:05 PM
Recently, after publishing straight text or html etc, the location of the text or html differs from the prepublished setup. For example, within Blue Voda website builder, I will place text in a specified location and then subsequently publish. When I check the actual website, the text is in a completely different location than what was designated in Blue Voda Builder. This also occurs with HTML as well. I did not have this problem before, until the past few days..What may be the problem?
I believe I have the up to date version of Blue Voda as I downloaded the webbuilder about 5 weeks ago which is what I am currently using.. Is this not a current version?
I tried to download Blue Voda again, (in case there were any new updates the last few weeks) although it says "error in compressed file. bad crc" Does this mean I have to uninstall the version I originally downloaded last month? And would I lose all my website files if I uninstalled? If my version is current why would I have problems with my text/HTML etc?
Thanks everyone!

02-23-2006, 12:15 AM
Because of this problem, I would continually experiment by placing the HTML/Flash/text etc in certain areas of Blue Voda, then publish, and then check the website as to where the link appears. I would then manipulate the file in Blue Voda until it appeared in the area I needed on the site itself. Although now the Blue Voda document is complex and difficult to ascertain which HTML/Flash is which, as many do not coincide with the website.
Also, any script/text/Flash etc that I publish now, does not even appear on the website or is not able to be manipulated into the area required anymore. Short of deleting half my webpage to find out the problem (cringe) I do not know what to do. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks