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02-20-2009, 02:29 AM
We are looking for a cart. I read that our VH comes with a free cart... Can someone direct me to this?
I seen some options in fantisco, but was'nt sure if these were it??

1) We need one that will allow for several variations.
2) We have a merchant account already
3) We are building a site in BV and want to implement it on this site.

Any ideas or questions?


Karen Mac
02-20-2009, 08:44 AM
If you are using BV then you will want to use paypal, mals ecart, or cartmanager thru Bethers. Paypal wont use your merchant account. The other two are NOT free.

The free carts are cube cart, oscommerce, zen cart, and ONE licensed version of soholaunch. None of these are compatible with blue voda nor can be edited with blue voda. Same conditions apply as the questions you asked about Joomla. soholaunch further requires the use of a domain name and must be installed in a NEW domain, addon domain, or subdomain. Some of the others can simply be installed in a folder.


02-20-2009, 03:16 PM
Thanks for getting back to me so fast~
I do have our new site's as an ad-on in the CP, I think that G00gle Check-out or Pay_Pal might be our best fit according to my recent readings on them mentioned above...
We're only going to have around 50 items

02-22-2009, 06:57 AM
Go PayPal, the simple and free version (which works for any cart solutions selected) since it is the most affordable in the long run.

If you want to continue to use Blue Voda for the designing of your website, the time it takes for you to code so few items is negligable with regard to the freedom you retain being strictly Blue Voda ..... without having to "integrate" another cart solution!

"Shopping cart" solutions are usually recommended only for systems with at least 150+ items, or to enhance the transactional security of a website.

02-23-2009, 06:00 AM
Since we plan on using BlueVoda as one of our site builder's. that makes sense.