View Full Version : Bluevoda template installation questions

02-27-2009, 01:45 PM
New to this so please bear with me if my questions are stupid:

1. when looking at the tutorial for the installation of BV templates the demo indicates to point at the taskbar at the bottom of the BV screen to open templates...... all the buttons on my taskbar at the bottom of the screen are dead. What am I doing/have I done wrong?

2. in view of the above, I have gone to via the tutorial screen (http://www.vodahost.com/sets.htm) to download the BV templates....... however when I click on the template (after having unzipped) it does not open on the BV screen, rather I am faced with a folder with the component files of the template. Question is....... do I have to install the template peice by piece (like building a puzzle) or is something wrong ? Again the demo on the tutorial shows a one click installation of a complete template........ am I missing something here?

BTW have searched the forums and have not been able to find similar questions.........

Any help would be appreciated. Hope my explanations makes sense as english is not my first language.