View Full Version : A question about digital audio file and linking to affiliate sites like Paydotcom

02-27-2009, 08:20 PM

I've produced some subliminal audio files that I wish to promote on various sites like clickbank and paydotcom as I want to build up a team of affiliates. Thing is, with Blue Voda am I able to upload my digital files so my customers can download them after they've sent payment? Also, can I set up a "thank you" page? And will I be able to link it to paydotcom, etc. If so, how easy would this be? I know I can upload my audio files to Lulu.com, so would I be able to paste a link into my Blue Voda site directing them to Lulu? Sorry, I'm new to this, but would appreciate an answser as I want to get running on this asap.