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03-06-2009, 12:15 AM
I am completely new to making website. I also am new to the amazon.com affililiate program but both are something I want to do

I am good with photoshop, just have no idea how to make it into a website. I started making a template and am wondering if it is something i can use for a site with blue voda, or do i have to use one of the templates they give. Also, if I made an iframe in that gray square area, can i have the amazon store come up there when "store is clicked"

When I pasted this template into blue voda and went to preview, it didnt fill up the browser, how come, did I make it the wrong size?

sorry if im confusing i just dont know what im doin really, and help would be appreciated! thanks!


Tom Finley
03-06-2009, 12:26 AM
What you have there is not really a template. It's an image and a nice one at that. As you've already tried, it can be inserted on a BV page using the Image icon. You would need to make it the exact size you want in Photoshop before you convert it to jpeg. A good width is around 950px by however long you expect your pages to be. If you try to resize the image in BV using the blue handles, it'll only mess things up.

Once you put this as the base to build your page on, you then add nav bars and other things that you want to appear on all the pages you expect to make. You then do a "save as" each time you want to make an additional page. In essense, the first page becomes your template for the rest of the pages.