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03-02-2006, 11:38 PM
The form is located here:


Here's my issue. I have sent myself a few test submissions. The only part of the form I am getting the entire form answers in my email. I am only getting:

Type of Metal for top & bottom
The types of stones comment box
Additonal Comment
Total Due

It is not giving me the name address, etc info. Could someone tell me what I need to do?
Thank you

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Aliens Anonymous
03-03-2006, 07:53 PM
hi have you checked that you have entred the Initial value into those box's.
ie: name, address, etc.

03-03-2006, 09:30 PM
ell, there are some mistakes in your form. All the text fields are named T1. Each one of them should have it's own name, f.e. "Name", Street", "City", ecc. Also the fields relevant to the color of the metal, are named T1. Call them as you did for your radio buttons: "10KTcolor", 14KTcolor" and so on for the first group, then "10KTcolor1", "14KTclor1", ecc.
The radio buttons in each block should be grouped in ONE group, f.e. for the first block the group could be "Top teeth metal", for the second block "Bottom teeth metal". At this point it's enough to call the radio buttons 10KT, 14KT ecc, it not necessary to call them 10KT1, 14KT1, because they are options of the group "Bottom teeth metal", they don't have to be different from the ones of the first goup "Top teehth metal".

Then you must group also the three radio buttons in the "Free designs for your teeth". Trillion Cut, Diamond Cut and Open Face should be the values, not the names. The Goup name for all three should be "Cut" or something like that.

Which script are you using? If it is Pablo's, make sure that the email field is named "email", otherwise correct the script accordingly.