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05-20-2009, 01:56 PM

I tried voda support about a week ago and have had no reply. It is still open, and so I thought I would try here one more time. I guess if I do not get resolution sometime this week I will abandon BV because they refuse to respond.

I have several pages ready. Each page has 30-40 images. Originally I used the standard size that comes from lightbox and had big time trouble, so I then made the images larger and this solved part of the problem which is, in Preview Mode, as you click on an image to enlarge it does just that, but as you scroll down the page testing each image, other images come up too, and by the time you get to the bottom of the page it is so bad that they cover the "close" part of an image you enlarge and you cannot close it in that way.

This cleared up to a large extent when I made the images larger. In other words, the other images popping up began much higher on the page with the standard size, but it should not happen at all. Does anyone have a clue? I am not a techie, but I did create my own template. I am about to give up on BV as a bad investment, simply because it has been nearly a week with no response, only the canned one they send that they will respond in 24 hours. That has not been the case with me.

05-20-2009, 02:19 PM
Can you give us a link to this page so we can take a look