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05-21-2009, 09:26 PM

New boy here from a cold wet and windy Ireland.

I've got several problems but will post one at a time.

First time I published the pages, everything appeared. Then I decided to insert an extra banner button. When I published it the other buttons appeared ac normal but the new one appeared as a blank square with a red cross. After several attempts at uploading I am now in a position where nothing appears, red crossses everywhere. Also the blue bar at the top lists the pages as untitled. Key in to www.competentmanager.com (http://www.competentmanager.com) and you'll see the problem. I've removed the text but normally have no problems with it appearing.
I have very limited experience with computers so the solution is probably very simple. Maybe one of you experts can point me in the right direction.

Looking forward to your replies.

Many thanks,


05-22-2009, 06:43 AM
Hi .. and welcome ..

Your problem may exist with the names of your images = to correct, simply rename your image a smaller, friendlier image name, reinsert and republish ..

check as well, that your publish area is set to publish all files, as opposed to changed files

in your control panel, choose hot link protection and add this domain to the list that may or may not appear there ..

republish ..

05-22-2009, 11:23 PM

I visited your site this evening. All the buttons were displayed correctly, without any red cross instead of texts.
However, none of the links worked. If the target pages have not yet been published, that would be normal. Anyway, please recheck the syntax of the names of the WHICH and REGISTER links, which seem to be wrong (at least to me, another rookie)


05-26-2009, 07:52 PM
Thanks lady eye. Advice seems to have done the trick although blue bar at the top of the page displays untitled for all pages.

That problem solved, the next one is the hyperlinking to success/failure pages and also configuring the submit and re-send buttons.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.