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05-28-2009, 09:50 PM

jonathan wolf here with www.dragonflutesrising.com

looking to use *maian music* script to allow folks to preview and purchase music tracks on my site. here's the first list of questions:

these are requirements to run the system:
1) PHP v4.3.0 or higher.
2) CURL support enabled for Paypal IPN system
3) GD graphics library with Freetype support for captcha

does voda host meet these requirements? how would i check or know?



05-28-2009, 10:09 PM
[1] - Set up a mysql database to hold the script tables. If you are unsure of this procedure, contact your host.

-this is the next question. i set up a database, but cannot put or find the script tables i downloaded into this mysql database.

[2] - Open the 'inc/db_connection.inc.php' file in your text editor and edit it to point to the database you just created. You MUST also specify a cookie name and a secret key. DO NOT use the defaults!!

-was not sure where to find this .php file or how to open it in my text editor

[3] - Again, in your text editor, open the 'admin/inc/password.inc.php' file and set a username/password for your admin area.

-same as above