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06-03-2009, 07:02 AM
Anyone know anything about simple viewers? (working only with IE right now, if that makes any difference?)

I used Porta to create a gallery that uses “Simple Viewer” I copied the entire folder Porta created into my (sub domain website) public_html folder/ brackneys.com
I did sample the simple viewer (Porta) gallery from my file (not on my FTP)but on my computer where it was generated… it works fine, but after uploading the files to my FTP, I click on the same named link in my ftp and get the “Please enable javascript." Error
– so two questions
1) how do I enable the javascript and
2) how do I link (what is the correct file "link"name?) or (2a) embed this into a bv page so I can upload it and view it on my website.
If I can just link to the gallery for now that would be fine – but eventually I’d like to embed it

In my search for answers I’m now tired and overwhelmed – I've learned allot about my file manager and FTP… (I did finally learn how to transfer file folders to my FTP whoo hoo!) – and I’ve gained allot of unrelated knowledge, that in the in the future I'm sure will prove useful.

However I’ve been trying to solve this simple viewer problem on my own now for the past 2 days. Searching threads both on the simple viewer forums, porta’s , the internet and even bv’s forum… and finally I have conceded.

So now I’m asking you guys if you know how to do this... Please keep in mind that I know very little about coding, Javascripts, etc ... and am on a “learn as I go curve”but I love BV & VH you guys are the best!

my newest work in progress…
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06-07-2009, 06:04 PM
Never mind - I figured it out on my own.