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03-05-2006, 10:54 AM
Hi Guys,

I am in the midst of developing my website and just need some knowledge on how to connect forms when customers are completing them. There are three steps in completing my form. However I want each step to be on seperate web pages, but essentially the same form.

For example,
Step 1 in completion of the form is:
Contact Details
Account Details
Terms and Conditions

Step 2 in completion of form is:
Details of item being sold
Additional Features
Selling price

Step 3 in completion of the form is:
Payment of the form.

If I were to put all of this information on the same page it would be information overload. Which is why I want to seperate it into three pages.

So can the form be on seperate webpages but essentially connected?
i.e. In step one when they complete there account details they hit the NEXT button that then takes them to the next stage of the form but on a seperate page. I know this can be done but dont know whether Blue Voda has the ability or tools to do it.

Really looking forward to hearing back from you soon.