View Full Version : Can only view 1 Java script at a time on page

06-12-2009, 11:10 PM
I just discovered the fun of adding free java scripts to my blue voda web site. I added 2 from this site http://www.rainbow.arch.scriptmania.com/scripts/magnetic_letters.html (found in a post by LadyEye). One is called "Magnet Letters" and adds a cool text effect. The other is a "countdown" to a specified date & event that you enter.
My problem is that I can't get them both to work at the same time on the same page. By clicking "bring to front" on either one of them, it becomes visible (either in preview or when published)...but then the other one disappears.

I tried moving them around on the page (thinking they might be "overlapping")...but it doesn't work.

The way I added them was to copy past the code into an HTML box. They work fine separately, just not together.

How do I get both to appear on the same page?

They are on my homepage which is http://www.strayslifeteen.org



06-15-2009, 02:07 AM
Having trouble placing this in correct place on my site.

<img src="bv01067.jpg" id="Image3" alt="" align="top" border="0" style="width:494px;height:327px;">

Where do I place it. This is HTML code from my home page.