View Full Version : Buttons become invisible when web site is published

start living
06-17-2009, 12:23 PM
I have published a web page http://www.sitesunion.com/ambush.html

1. It has two special ACT NOW buttons on the page which are visible and work perfectly in the preview. However when published they are not visible yet when the area where they are supposed to be is clicked it takes on to the link which are set up in the missing buttons... what's happening please? (see the feint rule at the base of the page and click it.)
2. All the body copy is underlined, and there is no way that I can remove these lines. I tried to resolve the problem and purposely undelined all and than removed same. In preview the lines are not present. when published all this underlined type appears... how does this happen and how do i resolve this please?
I have already tried the obvious.

Thank you