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03-07-2006, 05:49 PM
(1). am trying to get a better understanding of how the keywords and also meta tag thing works to get better rankings ,

(2) .i have looked at the tutorial on the subject

(3). and i have also looked at the keyword digger in tools on the web builder

(4) well i went to this website( http://www.widexl.com/remote/search-engines/metatag-analyzer.html )to look at where my website stands at on the meta tag and key word level

(5) and i also included keywords and meta tags into each of my webpages before i published them but they are not showing up on this website check they are in the red as being not good


Meta tags analysis.Title:Title meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 10 characters.
Title relevancy to page content is excellent.
The Title relevancy to page content is 100%.
Description:Found no description meta tag.
The description meta tag is used by most of the search engines (http://www.qklinkserver.com/lm/rtl3.asp?si=19903&k=search%20engines). Consider to add a description meta tag. Keywords:Found no keywords meta tag.
The keyword meta tag is still used by some search engines. Consider to add a keyword meta tag. Robots:Found no robots meta tag.
This tag is not really required but helps spiders to index the web page (http://www.qklinkserver.com/lm/rtl3.asp?si=19903&k=web%20page). Author:Found no author meta tag.
This tag is not really required but helps for your (company) name (http://www.qklinkserver.com/lm/rtl3.asp?si=19903&k=company%20name) recognizing.

(7) so do i have to actually put them the ( KEYWORDS & META TAG ) into the enbeded part of my page html (GENERATED HTML)to get better res like example : start of page,Between head tag,inside body tag,begainning of body tag,end of body tag,end of page,

(9) or do i continue to do it threw the page properties meta tag as i have before

(10) an also am kind of lost on keyword digger and how it works for me to choose the right keywords ... so if i put car into key word digger and it show the list what do i do ?,................do i just pick ever word that falls up under cars that has a lot of people numbers or click seach numbers to the right side of it in the digger..........(HOW DO THAT WORK (DECIDEING) ???? how do i choose???

(11). are meta tags & keywords the same or are they different if so whats the difference between te two and how do each function ???

(12) why is so many of my key words in red ???

(13). this is my website you an check the meta tag if you would like to give me some pointers on the subject of what am doing wrong ,so that i could make it over all better (please)

(A) www.win1000forpictures.com (http://www.win1000forpictures.com) (B) http://www.widexl.com/remote/search-engines/metatag-analyzer.html

03-07-2006, 07:23 PM
I will give you what I have done for my websites:
Open your page (index or whatever) in BV
Right click in an area outside the page width
Click on "Page Properties"
Click on "Meta Tags"
Enter your keywords in the appropriate box. I think that the analyzer tool will tell you a maximun number of words you should use (20-25?)
Enter info in the remaining boxes.
The keyword relavency(sp) relates to the actual text on the page and the keywords that you choose. The higher the percentage of relavency the better for search engine ranking.
Go to the Meta Tag Analyzer tool and check out your results.
I had to go back and forth several times changing text/wording and "Tags" to get a good result.
Let me know if you need further assistance.

03-08-2006, 06:55 AM
This is how I see meta tags. M tags consist of keywords, page description, etc. If you right click on your BV page and bring up "page properties" then open the meta tag tab, you will see that the boxes that you need to fill are what make up meta tags.
Your page content/text should closely match your keywords.
If you have as keywords (for example): money, fun, cards, pictures, and so on, the page content should also have those words. Search engines want that correlation between keywords and content. Your page description should aslo use as many words that appear on the page and also in the keyword section.
It doesn't do any good to have as a keyword (for example) "millionaire" if it is not also in the page content.
With some work and thought you can get your results in the "green".