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07-02-2009, 04:26 PM
I have Blue Voda software( LOVE IT) and will be constructing an e commerce site.
I've installed Soholaunch but the templates aren't compatible with the style and feel of the site. I have a built the design in Blue Voda but if I understand correctly it can't be uploaded to Soholaunch without being a CSS template?

Also I'm really struggling with the page editor in Soholaunch .. and not actually be able to see my pages as I build them.
LOVE the Soholaunch shopping cart and it's features... question can it be installed in a site built in Blue Voda?

Karen Mac
07-02-2009, 05:17 PM
Well yes and no.. You have to install it on a subdomain and then link from your bv site to the cart.

You can get custom templates made to look CLOSE to your site, but because of the constraints of the data base and how the info is called to the display with the php includes.. it wont be EXACTLY the same.

Customizing templates is not free if you have someone do it for you. But you can have it done relatively inexpensively.

As for seeing your results.. you just click the preview website at the top to see how your page looks. Again this is not a wysiwyg style editor. Its more like WORD in that respect.


07-02-2009, 07:06 PM
Thanks.. I thought there would be an issue with this site in Soholaunch.
So since I have installed it on my server I need to remove that install and create a sub domain which would be store/mydomainname.com the create a button on the site home page called "store" or shop now which will link to it?

The sub domain would have only one page correct? Into which I would drag the shopping cart?

This is an arts and crafts site with very specific graphic requirements for the page background, header etc. No template either in Blue Voda or Soholaunch comes close and the css. style sheet I did in Microsoft Front page hasn't got the correct 'look' either.

Karen Mac
07-02-2009, 09:03 PM
Well.. depends.. Where did you install it? the main domain or an addon domain?

Well.. you have more than just stylesheets involved in soholaunch.. you have php includes.. that have to be in certain places for things to function properly.

Honestly its best if you invest 75 bucks and have a template created and just use the soho builder...

The subdomain would be the WHOLE soho installation.. how many pages you have viewable can be limited JUST to the cart, and its products..

You could use cart manager, or mals ecart which is similar to doing paypal buttons, but has a greater flexibility than paypal. This would allow you to build the whole site in bv and just add the form/buttons for your products to checkout