View Full Version : sub-Domain rules and help.

03-08-2006, 01:06 AM
I am interested to know what limits we have when creating a series of sub-domain names.
I have managed to successfuly make the sub domains preview.dwat-worldwide.com, dark.dwat-worldwide.com, colourful.dwat-worldwide.com, kids.dwat-worldwide.com and many others in anticipation of loadin them later this week early next weekish.
I have then made more sub-domains which consist of two sub domains. Is this "legal"?
eg. http://preview.dark.dwat-worldwide.com which does not work. I know there may be an obvious reason for this but then again, many sites do have this ability.
May i know if it is possible to use this domain adress once i have apparanately according to CP build: 10.8.1-STABLE 31 made such adresses successfuly? Thanks alot for the time! I would be pleased if i was just working it incorrectly and that i could create such an address in my site.