View Full Version : How to insert the Flash menu code (java or html) into BV

John K.
07-06-2009, 09:23 AM
I have searched and searched all through BV and the internet, and I cannot seem to be able to understand the information on inserting a simple flash dropdown menu into my bv.

I would rather have a menu created from Sothink, Wondershare, CoffeeCup, etc. simply because their glossy button choices create so much option to the design process. BV buttons and menus are easy to use and incorporate, but, very respectfully, the style and color selections seem to leave a lot to be desired in the flair and appeal department. I believe that it is the menu that makes the website visually appealing, or not. Sorry folks, but I am simply frustrated trying to get the answers. Here are the questions:

The above mentioned menu builders are easy to use, but the real challenge for me begins when I want to export them. They give me the images and then the html or java code.

The most common instructions I get are to insert one piece of code into the head tag.

What and where is the head tag? Is it the "Between Head Tag" in the Page HTML box?

Then I am told to insert the second piece of code into the body tag between the <body></body>. Is that the :Inside Body Tag" box?

The thing here is that when I right click on my page and go to the "Page HTML" box and open those tabs, I see a lot of existing code and I have no idea where to put my menu codes if that is the case.

Additionally, I am lost knowing if I also need to choose the HTML, Script, or Java selections in the R/H menu bar of the BV builder.

And if I do select one, what code do I insert into those after the double click? I already used up my to pieces of code inserting them into the Page HTML boxes.

Additionally, I could only get a reasonably sound answer from this thread:

But, as usual, the helpful comments are too vague and ambiguous for a newbie like me to understand or get enough of the info to "head in the right direction".

The thread above mentions the need to "use a ftp or the file manager to upload the .js files and images for the menu to your website. And either way there will most likely be some amount of html you need to add to your page."

What the dickens does that mean?I know about using BV FTP or CUTE FTP to upload to my \public_html folder, but this information does not follow through, sort of like directions that get one half-way there and then one is left in the middle of nowhere. Besides, if at the beginning I made incorrect code insertions, my FTP transfer would only send bad construction to my external folder, right?

Would someone please provide assistance and explain the process step by step, and put the laymen terms into easy to understand wording so that I can go forward with my creations? I am losing my hair and have spent many many late nights and drunk gallons of coffee trying to figure this one monumental challenge out, and now I must throw in the towel.

If I can get the help to pull this off, I will be ever so grateful.

I simply cannot believe that I am the only one experiencing this dilemma, but the way the threads are typed makes it hard to locate keywords in the search option. I am certain that the answer here will help a lot of people experiencing the same frustration that I currently have.

Thanks again and sorry for the rambling.

P.S. I will come back shortly and give some example codes and instructions that I am getting. Sorry but I have to make an errand. I wanted to get this posted so people could collect their thoughts before replying.

Tom Finley
07-06-2009, 10:14 AM
Heading off to bed right now, but if the menu you have has a .js file, you use the BV FTP to upload it to your html_public folder. The html can be placed in the areas you mentioned above--experiment to see what works, just don't save your page until it does--that way you can easily start over.

John K.
07-06-2009, 11:09 AM
Thanks Tom! I'll give it a shot and report back. Once I find a solution, I will provide a detailed step-by step with clear keywords in the post header.

Now... where's my cup of java (no pun intended!).