View Full Version : Music All Of Sudden Not Playing ?? Out of blue??

07-13-2009, 06:00 AM
I have a website under the master user name "oeqniuss" (CLIENT ID #29299)

Ive added music to my clients site long long ago approx 5 months ago now and it was playing fine and well.
All of a sudden the music doesnt play anymore.

I tried going into control panel to remove files. then going back in bv edit mode and re-uploading music mp3s; through the button -windows media player- provided in the editing.

That however has not worked. there is a greyed box for quicktime showing now? Im unsure why.

please help the music play again.

the user name again is "oeqniuss" and also here is the "CLIENT ID #29299"

the website is www.wandabarrett.com (http://www.wandabarrett.com)

Please Help

Thank you so much

OniWebDesg i n.