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07-23-2009, 12:58 PM
Was wondering if anyone could give me some sugestions on how I could enhance my site www.kiwikonxiontours.com (http://www.kiwikonxiontours.com) I thought a solid border around the pages might help but not sure how to do that. any other ideas. Also at a stage were I want to accept credit card deposits into my bank account for tours into New Zealand, bit stuck with that also. Cheers. Pat

Karen Mac
07-23-2009, 02:24 PM
Right click on the page, page properties, and tick the center in browser. This would make it look center in everyones browser and is a simple enhancement.


07-24-2009, 02:04 PM
Hi Pat,
Had a look at your site, I like the photos and the trips
1. Karen suggested to centre the page - you should do this for every page on your site, not just the home page.
2. In the Page Properties (when you're doing the centring) you should put in some meta data - for example a unique Page Name for every page at the very least, but key words, description etc would also help. At the moment all your pages show as 'Untitled' on my browser.
4. You need some kind of navigation (menu-list of pages) on every single page of your site, so that (a) if a user comes to the page from a search engine they can go to your home pge to find out who you are and what the site is and (b) if someone has clicked on one of the links on the home page but decide they want information on a different area of NZ - nowhere to go but 'BACK' or more likely they will just exit the site. At the moment you have lots of links from the home page, but they are not laid out in a logical list, and there are none from any other pages - not even a link 'home'. There is a range of menu options in BV that you can use to make menus and you can put them anywhere on your pages, across the top, or on the left hand side is the most usual place.
Good luck,