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08-17-2009, 03:05 PM
I am trying to create something similar to a rollover but not exactly the same, as there are links on the second page of the rollover.

However, I would also like it that when the mouse is moved out of the area of the second image (ie. to toolbar) that the first image returns to screen.

To help clarify what I am trying to achieve my set up so far is this:

At the back is a picture image.
Above this is an invisible shape to cover image (preventing right click to save/copy image),
Above this are various shapes which add as links
On top of this is a picture which is simply a white box the same size as as the back image with words "... move mouse here ... ".

What I want to happen is:
* user moves mouse to designated white box in page
* that disappears, allowing all sections below to show.
* user has option to click one of the links or
to move mouse out of area whereby the white box reappears

I would think that you can use image property events to make this work, but I have been trying all types of combinations and seem to be getting nowhere.

Help please.

Karen Mac
08-17-2009, 03:12 PM
You would need to use something like a photo gallery or light show that was editable.. try dynamicdrive.com for a javascript that might work for this. Or search for MOUSE OVERS or ROLL OVER Scripts.