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09-08-2009, 09:34 AM

Could someone have a look at my site please and help me out with a couple of issues.


1. You will see that I have a numbe of rotating banners on there. When you hover the mouse on them they look as if they are clickable but they are not linked to anything. is there any way of removing this?

2. You may also notice that the page seems to load as alternative text first and then the images on top of that. Is there any way to make the images load first as the txt looks very un proffessional?

3. Any other input would be greatfully recieved

Many thanks, Jonathan


09-10-2009, 01:02 PM
Hi Jonathan
You're right about the images appearing to be links, when they just jpegs
Maybe some else here at the forum has an way to do away with that link effect.
I did not notice anything odd when your page loads i.e. non issue
Hope That Helps

09-11-2009, 02:50 PM
This is the part of the "Rotating Image" script that shows a value being entered for a link to be created for the images in your array with the "#" as a bookmark (top of page) that should be removed:
<a href="#" onClick="onRotatingImage4Click();return false;">
<img src="Coke.jpg" id="RotatingImage4" border="0" align="top" alt="" width="164" height="172" name="RotatingImage4"></a>
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
// -->

Double-click on your rotating banner to open Properties, and click on the tab to get to LINK and delete the "#" that is in the field.

To speed up the load of the images upon page visit, arrange all of your images on a separate blank page and publish them to the server ... next, go to that page and right-click on each image PROPERTIES and copy the URL of that image ... then paste that URL into the Rotator as SOURCE of the image (so it will load from a source already online rather than from a 'remembered' path created from your local computer via BV to the server).
This will force the Rotator script to pull the image from an online source rather than take its time tracing the path thru BV to the server and back to BV to publish.

To thwart the ALT text for each image, go through each image Properties in the Rotator and delete any entry that may have been made for ALT Text, leaving the field blank just as you did in removing any LINK entry.

And, to assure there is no interaction between visitors and images in your rotator in the future, simply create and "cover" the rotator with a transparent "shape" to act as a shield. Be sure no text or link has been entered for this shape as well.