View Full Version : Have you ever wanted to use the same form on another page?

09-28-2009, 12:30 AM
Have you ever wanted to use the same form on multiple pages and realised that copying and pasting a form and its elements from page to another can be a bit fiddly and if youíve made a mistake you have to repeat the correction as many times as you pasted it.

Itís also a nightmare to re-position a form isnít it?

The solution is to use an I-Frame.

1) Make a 3 pages to the exact size of the form you intend to use lets say 400 high by 400 wide
The first page will be the one with the form and will be .php if you use the built in processor
The second 2 will be a success and error page
2) When filling these small pages with content, work a few mm from the edges or within boundaries we set earlier. If you want a background colour, you do this in page properties.
3) Publish these 3 pages
4) Insert your I-Frame on to a page where you want this form to appear and size it to 400h x 400w and set the properties for it not to show the scrollers.
5) Assign the url of the form page and publish that.

You can copy and paste this I-Frame from page to page with no problems and you can reposition to your heartís content without fear of upsetting your form.

If you find later on that you want to tweak your form, you only have to work on one page.

The other good thing is that the success page will display in the same I-Frame which looks kind of cool.

09-29-2009, 12:44 PM
...excellent, Darren - tks a lot :)