View Full Version : Nav Bars are sticking and making me crash

Dimples NOT!
03-15-2006, 01:40 AM
It's me again, I was in a hotel in the US and I didn't seem to have any problems publishing but at home it's becoming hell.

I'm watching it carefully and maybe it's only going 2 green bars before crashing, it's always on a GIF or OVER GIF which is the NAV buttons offered to me.

I have done rediget, I have cleansed etc my cache. I just looked in my control panel HTML and I am to scared to start deleting parts of it what I loose it all.

I realised I had put 2 seperate capitals on 2 seperate button, I have also moved my forum onto a text link and off a button, I have renamed pages.

DO I honestly just have to give up on the NAV barss Please help me... I just want to get on to building the rest of the web site and start selling...

www.dimplesandsawdust.com (http://www.dimplesandsawdust.com)

Thank you Tracie

PS I will have to read any replys later today as I must go to bed this is becoming an obsession, 1.30am GN