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10-19-2009, 01:02 AM
I have built my new site using wordpress, however I would like to use Bluevoda to build the static pages as it gives me a lot more design freedom than my wordpress theme and lets face it, it is so much easier to use.

In Wordpress General Settings, my wordpress address and blog address are both http://budgetmama.com, it then says "Enter the address here if you want your blog homepage to be different from the directory you installed"
I changed that to http://budgetmama.com/blog and that worked fine.

So now I want to build some static pages using bluevoda, but I'm a bit scared in case I stuff it all up in my directories.

Can someone please tell me in easy to follow newbie speak what I need to do in BlueFTP (at least I am assuming I need to do something there) so that I can use pages built in Bluevoda AND a blog powered by Wordpress in the same server/domain.....

.....hope that makes sense



10-19-2009, 11:45 AM
No, it does not make sense: you can name but one page as "false" index for your Blog, but consider it more of an 'intro' or 'splash' page ... a page that is separate from but leads/links to the true index page of your WP Blog.

You cannot 'blend' the coding of Blue Voda and WordPress in hopes of 'interleaving' pages ... they must and will always be no closer than side-by-side, and require direct linking to make them navigable.

Each type of page (BV and WP) requires that they be loaded to specifically separate Directories as well, which is why you created an add-on directory prior to installing WP (either via Fantastico or manually).

You simply must keep your Blue Voda web pages separate from your WordPress installation, and can only link from one page of one to another page of the other.

10-19-2009, 12:49 PM
Hi Vasili...just continuing from the previous question that was closed at http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/wordpress-ultimate-blog/53697-combining-bluevoda-static-pages-wordpress-blog.html

I'm really not experienced enough to follow what you are saying....

What do you mean by a false index?

I have already built static pages in my WP blog, but doing it that way doesn't give me full design freedom which is why I decided to do it via BV.

I would like to have a site with the homepage url as my domain which is http://budgetmama.com.....(currently this is a wp template uploaded via fantastico).

So are you saying that to do this I need to have 2 different domains, and therefore 2 directories eg, budgetmama.com which I can fully build in BV to my own liking and then the blog being a different domain, eg, budgetmamablog.com?

Sorry to sound so dense,