View Full Version : Changing to os-commerce...maybe?

03-18-2006, 03:51 PM
Hi there,
A question or 2 about os-commerce. I have a jewellery and tiara website, all through vodahost, of course, and I have approximately 200 items for sale. I recently caught site of a post mentioning that os-commerce is more suitable for more that 100 items in a shop. All well and good so far.

Question 1- can I install, and 'fill up' my os-commerce store-front, will my soho cart is still live?

Question 2- If I install os-commerce, will it overwrite everything I have input in my soho cart? Obviously, it will take some time to re-input all that information, and I don't want my store shut meanwhile.

Any info or advice, including good points and bad about os-commerce, before I make the jump, will be really welcome. In idiot talk please- computor numpty at work.

Many thanks for your time
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