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12-01-2009, 09:42 AM
I attach my inquiries, which I have now been asked to refer to this forum:

My page http://www.provencesporthorses.com/ventes.html contains 3 of the same picture of Favonius, when all 5 pictures on the page shoud be different. The link under Summer Wind http://www.provencesporthorses.com/summer_wind.html links to a page which has two pictures of Tamara (a different horse), one of which is severely distorted. The link under Lindsey http://provencesporthorses.com/lindsey.html leads to an error 404 page, while the first picture of Lindsey is actually of Summer Wind. The Tamara page http://provencesporthorses.com/tamara.html has a middle picture of Favonius. The Favonius page http://www.provencesporthorses.com/favonius.html has a middle picture of Tamara. All of these errors are not in my BV set pages.

VodaHost wrote:
Hello Taylor,

Please provide us with the page link on which you are experiencing the issue.

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I have followed the tutorial rather closely even before contacting you, but there is still a problem -- the pages are not linking.

I have cleared the cache and restarted, and republished. The pictures have changed, but there are still 3 of the same one, some of them distorted; the publish still does not reflect what I have created on the BV setup.

VodaHost wrote:

Please refer to the link below:


Please try clearing your cache (if firefox) or temporary internet files (if IE), restarting the computer, and then visiting the site again.

Antony Delacruz
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12-01-2009, 10:25 AM
Pictures can't change all by themselves. I haven't got time to go through all your pages but I've had a look at this one http://www.provencesporthorses.com/ventes.html

Picture 1 - bv1.jpg
Picture 2 - bv1.jpg
Picture 3 - bv.jpg
Picture 4 - bv1.jpg
Picture 5 - bv5.jpg

As you say 3 pictures are the same 1,2, & 4. Thats because they are all using image bv1.jpg.

My guess is somewhere down the line you have saved all 3 images as bv1.jpg, so you've just been over writing with the latest save.

Each image should have its own name...eg


I hope this helps

12-01-2009, 10:58 AM
Yes, they have the same name, but the folders are different. I have a Favonius/bv1 and a Summer Wind/bv1 and a Tamara/bv1 etc. , all of which have been put on the BV set up page correctly and are quite distinct. The publishing process loses the distinction. I will go through all the photographs to rename them and see if that helps.

12-01-2009, 01:18 PM
Somewhat better, but not entirely. The second photo on the Favonius page http://www.provencesporthorses.com/favonius.html, for example, is named now fbv8 on my set up, and comes out bv2 when it is published -- a picture of a different horse!

12-01-2009, 01:44 PM
I've just looked at this page http://www.provencesporthorses.com/favonius.html and all the pictures are different.

When you publish your pages and view them on-line do you hit F5 to refresh your browser?

12-01-2009, 04:48 PM
Images should all have unique Titles saved to them, not only to eliminate confusion, but also to add increased 'optimization' values: they should use words that add relevancy not only to the site in general, but optimally to each individual page uniquely.

In other words, even though you may use the same image on multiple pages, it is best that the image have specific Titles created for each page ..... the same image should be saved with as many unique titles as befitting each use, each page.

The little extra work required helps to avoid simple protocol errors during design as you are now experiencing, and also serves to add greater SEO values to your site.

12-01-2009, 07:17 PM
Thanks. I will see what I can do on the next revision once I put out some of the fires I see...

12-02-2009, 12:16 AM
I don't see that you have a tutorial on adding unique titles to images as you suggest. Can you explain how it is done? I don't see a function which enables this...

12-02-2009, 02:22 AM
You must save the images with Titles, or "re-name" them prior to using them.
I take it you do know how to rename files using Windows?

12-02-2009, 10:46 AM

I think I can figure how to rename in Windows, but let me be sure I understand what I should want to do. Instead of titling a picture bv1 or some such as I have done, are you suggesting I use something like "Favonius clears a 5 foot oxer at Saumur"?

Also, two small problems.

1. On my http://www.provencesporthorses.com/accueil.html, I have on the set up page (upper left) a button for English. When it publishes, it says Francais, even though the link is to the right page. I can't get it to go right.

2. On the http://www.provencesporthorses.com/index.html published page, the style of the buttons Home and Horses for Sale are not the same as for Contact and Francais. On the set up page, they should be all the same.


12-03-2009, 04:09 AM
Yes ....

Say your original picture was saved as XBD0014334 for example (like it comes off the camera), and you want to use the picture on the English page and the French page ..... open the photo in a photo editor and Save As "favonius-clears-a-5-foot-oxer-at-samur" .... tyhen since the original photo should still be open, click EDIT once again, and simply re-Save As "favonius- {insert french spelling with same description as in English above} "
This gives you 2 completely different useful descriptions for the same picture that you can use without creating a conflict or diminish any potential values for either site version (whichever version you subordinate - in this example, the French - will be picked up by the local hub of the Search Engine first, since the English version will be immediately forwarded to the Main).
It also prevents any false populations by Blue Voda, and will not be cause for any conflict due to associative design.

Next issue ... the hyperlinking pages so they work ....

1. You domain is set up as being the Primary on a single hosted account, and your English version is by default the version that presents first (as should be, since the SE's will always prefer English) .... and the index page in English presents properly.

2. If you want to provide a French version to "switch" to, via the button you have in the top-left corner, I would first suggest you make it a different style of button so it is clearly differentiated from your Main or Regular Menu navigation, and have it labeled "Francias" rather than appeasing English eyes.....

3. Seemingly, your French version index page has been saved as "accueil" (which is fine ... you can call it whatever you wish, but hopefully accueil means index in French, as you wish to mirror literally your pages with proper French terms and wording so they score relevancy to the Page Content) ... and the link http://www.provencesporthorses.com/accueil.html is a proper link .... BUT .... you need to go back and erase the TARGET entry in the hyperlink dialog box so it is empty .... as it is now, you have set it to "_blank" which opens the page in a new browser window. You need to have the pages shift in the same window, for there is no need for a Visitor to 'compare' site versions ... the point is to provide Visitors with a version they can use and that is all!

3. If you wish to "reverse" the ability for Visitors to return to an English version (also with the separate styled button), you need label it "English" and use this link to return Visitors to the index page > http://www.provancesporthorses.com .... and that is it!! This is because the English version of your site is Primary and Default, meaning all traffic will naturally land on the primary index page in your Main public_html/ directory.

REMEMBER TO LEAVE THE "TARGET" FIELD IN THE HYPERLINK STYLES DIALOG BOX EMPTY .... you want Visitors to navigate naturally through whatever version of your site that works for them, not be confused with all kinds of browser windows opening!

Hopefully you can follow these suggestions clearly, and you will find your issues easily resolved!

12-03-2009, 09:02 AM
An excellent and clear response. Thank you.

I will clear up this stuff in the course of the day. but on my point 1 (your point 2) I have set up the http://www.provencesporthorses.com/accueil.html page with an English button -- but when I publish the button reads Francais even though it targets (correctly) the index page. It should read English. Again, it seems to be one of these instances where the publishing process transforms what I have on my bv set page.

12-04-2009, 03:30 AM
An excellent and clear response. Thank you.

I will clear up this stuff in the course of the day. but on my point 1 (your point 2) I have set up the http://www.provencesporthorses.com/accueil.html page with an English button -- but when I publish the button reads Francais even though it targets (correctly) the index page. It should read English. Again, it seems to be one of these instances where the publishing process transforms what I have on my bv set page.You may need to simply create your button as an image, and hyperlink it accordingly ... might have something to do with using a Language Pack or setting or configuration for those pages. Using a linked image (can be done in Paint, if you do not have a graphics program to work with) means that nothing can change with regard to any labeling, and as long as the link path is correct, it willperform as expected.