View Full Version : Publishing problems

Patricia van Langeveld
12-03-2009, 01:26 PM

Today I finally published my pages I worked very hard on. Sadly, I cannot see them properly if I look them up on the Internet. I probably didn't do it right... please help.

The problems I have are:
1. The pages don't show the right pictures. Every page has different pictures and I named them all differently;
2. The text is not visible or it is text from another page;
3. The buttons don't have the right text (they look all the same);
4. Some of the buttons on the left menu have the wrong shape.

I made the pages using the same template (= the first page I made, the indexpage). On each page I changed de pictures, text and links for the buttons, might this be part of the problem?

My client ID is 36220, labyrintcoaching.com

Patricia van Langeveld