View Full Version : Lost my illustrations by being stupid

01-07-2010, 10:41 PM
Recently I revisited my website <forgottensecrets.net> and everything was in order until I went to the "guest book" page. It was converted long ago into a forum page but evidently someone had corrupted it with links or something to porno pics, etc. I saw that I could block feeds from some names that were listed, and I did so. Then to be safe I checked block feeds from forgottensecrets.net. There was undo box, but I ignored it until it was too late. I found all my illustrations were gone (except on the main page). How do I clean up this mess?
Jim Ketchum

01-07-2010, 11:10 PM
Use the IP Deny Manager vigrously.

Check your Awstats under external links and you can find the culprit thru or their IP address.

The phono link will also be shown there.

The IP Deny Manager manage all denial on your server and also your third party programs such as phpBB3.

I have a long list of IPs which I had banned and now I practically do not have any at all in my forum.

Might do away with the Guest Book. It is nothing but a lot of wasted effort to mantain.

It is better for you to install an Opt-In system to collect all email and visitors to your site.