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01-08-2010, 12:02 AM
www.jdkinvitations.com (http://www.jdkinvitations.com)
I have a google blogger account that I'd like to stick with. I know there's a way to publish it on my site, I just can't figure out how to do it! Is there anyway to add my google blog to the bottom of my home page or to at least jdkinvitations.com/blog. I was looking at this web site for the idea www.heidzillas.com (http://www.heidzillas.com)

01-08-2010, 06:16 AM
If you wanted a blog within your page on your site, it might be worth placing it within an inline frame (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/adding-elements-your-website/9354-creating-iframe-your-bluevoda-webpage.html).

01-09-2010, 02:06 AM
Oh OK, how would I get the blogs from blooger.com into the inline frame - add the link? Sorry, I'm not sure how to link the page.

01-09-2010, 07:02 AM
As per instructions in the link given above using the url of your iframe.