View Full Version : please someone help me

03-22-2006, 11:10 AM
Hi could anyone help me please i am a newby and need help boo hoo

i'm using soho and i need to use the text editor to create my forms.

How do i get the data to go to my database on soho??

How do i setup so that once forms have been completed the member gets a email with all details of what the member has just submited??> i know i have to use code>html but i just dont know.

How do i put a upload bar on my forms on text editor? > do i have to use a code?

Is there any way that once a visitor has joined that there username & password will work straight away?? > as at moment i am having to manually do it myself with soho so the visitor is having to wait a little to log in??

I know that there is a form creator on soho but i'm wanting to change things.

I hope some can help, i'm getting desperate now i'v spent so many hours trying i'm not getting any where.