View Full Version : PLEASE, Help with "password protected pages"

01-25-2010, 07:57 PM
Hi. Im trying to set up one page on my website that is password protected. I have read the tutorials, and tried it all. I am turning to you guys now. Here's the scoop:

From my main page of my site I have a link which is "promotions"

Customers can click the link, and to another page it directs them. This page has a place for the customer to enter a "passcode." When they enter the correct passcode, they are directed to another (protected)page with information I want them to see.

(this page is protected and viewable ONLY for those who have the passcode through my TARGETED mailings. I dont want my current customers viewing these offers. It is strictly for new customers)

I cannot seem to get this to work. Do I have to set up login pages with ID names and passcodes for all customers? I just want one login passcode for all people to use, simple as that.

I bet its real easy, but I dont have the answer!