View Full Version : Navaldesign seems to be the man with the plan cud he help me!!

03-23-2006, 12:33 AM
I want on my web site to be able to create profiles so they come up like they do on faceparty.com or myspace.com a bit like that for my mates to go on. i am findin it really difficult to work the forms and get it so they come out onto a page as they do on these sites. do u know wat i shud b doin if so cud u advise me or guide me. thx

03-23-2006, 04:03 AM
I can point you to the wright direction but i doubt that you or me can easily build a script like this. It requires:
1. A form for entering the info and uploading the picture
2. A first part of the script that writes this info into a database.
3. A presentation part of the script: this one must allow for searching the members database, with querries like name, or nickname, or password, or hobby, or locatio, and so on., and then it must provide one or more presentation screens where the results of the querry are presented.
4. An updating and saving part of the script: for members to be able to update or modify their own info.

As you see the whole thing is complicated and requires programming capabilities that exceed the normal user skills. So i suggest that you make a search for an adequate script on the web.