View Full Version : Publishing 2nd site problem

02-08-2010, 07:17 PM
I have two sites.
1. www.gokartbuggies.co.uk (http://www.gokartbuggies.co.uk) This is the main site
2. www.250ccbuggies.co.uk (http://www.250ccbuggies.co.uk) Add on domain

I have re-vamped the add on domain site and want to publish.I have saved the new page as index.bvp
I have forgotton what info I have to put in the publish box.
If I am correct the server IP is the same as main site as is the user name and password.
In the Folder box, I have tried public_html/250ccbuggies and public_html/250ccbuggies.co.uk but each time i get
Error:550 Cant change directory to public_html/250cc buggies. No such file or directory

Anybody help!!!!!!! please