View Full Version : Publishing Results not Working Out!

02-11-2010, 04:38 PM
Okay here goes......

I have published about 3 pages to my site www.latterrainministries.net (http://www.latterrainministries.net). But, when I went into Bluevoda and updated my site and changed some things then published again, some things changed and some stayed the same. All the links are correct but something is not right.

For example: On my homepage (index) the ABOUT US text that's on my about us page is showing up at the top left corner only on the published version of that page. Then the tab that links all my site pages has about us twice instead of what I have it named as but this again is only on the published version of the page.

I need some help fast. Also, for some reason if I place a picture on the right top corner of any page on my site when I publish the page the picture will not be there. I played with it and that's whats happening I place the pic in the middle and other places and its there so something is not right.

Help ASAP Please.