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SA Bird Quiz.com
02-17-2010, 09:31 AM
I would like to link approx 10 short sound clips, without opening another window (ie play in the background), to a BV page. Can anyone help?

SA Bird Quiz.com
02-17-2010, 04:55 PM
I have created an InLine Frame, named "sound"
I have created a glass button1 - linked to an MP3 - with the target "sound"
Repeat glass button2 etc etc - works well in preview. BUT
on publishing the button tries to link to my C drive and not to an MP3 loaded to the public.html. What am I doing wrong?

02-17-2010, 06:10 PM
You need to make an individual page for each track & publish the pages. You now link the glass button to one of the published pages with the music on.
If you have 10 tracks, you will of published 10 pages plus the page with the iframe.

SA Bird Quiz.com
02-17-2010, 06:36 PM
Thank you Chris, this work-around cannot be used on the slow connections we have in SA - it takes too long to load. Is there no way to write the "mouse over" MP3 into the HTML?

02-18-2010, 07:25 AM
If you got slow connections, the iframe will have nothing to do with it. It is purely down to the size of your MP3 music files. Use something like this free software (http://www.nch.com.au/switch/mp3.html?gclid=CPG6kpeq-58CFaFi4wodjBrVkQ)to reduce the bit-rate of each file. Most mps's are around the 125 & bringing it down to 64 or 56 will easily 1/2 the file sizes. Can even bring it down more if it sounds ok on your site.

SA Bird Quiz.com
02-19-2010, 11:17 AM
Hi Chris, I have found a wonderful little button player - ideal for what I want (colours are a bit odd, but I don't know what the heidecimal colours are). I do not know how to place this on my page or in a specific place. Can you assist?

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
data="http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/button/musicplayer.swf?&song_url=http://www.sabirdquiz.com/bird sounds/test.mp3&b_bgcolor=80FF00&b_fgcolor=FF0000&b_colors=80FF00,FF0000,80FF00,80FF00&"
width="17" height="17">
<param name="movie"
value="http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/button/musicplayer.swf?&song_url=http://www.sabirdquiz.com/bird sounds/test.mp3&b_bgcolor=80FF00&b_fgcolor=FF0000&b_colors=80FF00,FF0000,80FF00,80FF00&" />
<img src="http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/adding-elements-your-website/noflash.gif"
width="17" height="17" alt="" />

02-19-2010, 11:47 AM
There is a simple colour converter here. (http://www.draac.com/colorconvert.html) Where did you get this script from?

SA Bird Quiz.com
02-19-2010, 12:03 PM

How do I place it in a specific place on the page?