View Full Version : distortion when viewed in firefox

03-03-2010, 10:05 AM

I use Firefox as my main browser, and when I publish pages that have both writing and photos ,the images shift in the process ,even though I save and lock everything.
when I look at the site on intrernet explorer ,all is as it should be!
the page was also set on a sort of grid ( forgot what it's called - has been a while since I first published it.


this is what it looks like now.. I had to remove the images as it was too much hassle constantly readjusting!
as you can see from the link the heading also changed.. (?)
and this is what it should look like;


The pages for bluevoda are stored in both my C drive and my E drive... could there be a bit of confusion when publishing?
it would be great for some pointers!!!!