View Full Version : Preview and publish problems ongoing

05-04-2010, 01:35 PM
I have posted this before but I still haven't had any answers (maybe there are none) or maybe its in the wrong thread. My apologies if you have already read this problem.
I can create in BV and my page looks great but as soon as I publish or preview it looks different but really different. Is this a problem with BV? please if you have an answer let me know as this long process is taking even longer!
I have done ctrl a to make sure I haven't any stray parts, I haven't.
I published a screen shot yesterday www.readysteadyanglais.com/screenshot.html which shows how I am having to layout the page to get it right.
Today I have re-published the page again in the right language but I am still have the same issues in BV. So I now need to go back into BV and move everything around.
Anyone got any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?